Kids’ Animation Workshop

original ideas from the future

It is obvious to turn to children when you need to stock up your creativity bank. Especially in the visual arts, they have so great ideas, as if there wasn’t even a box to think outside of. Their imagination is pure and wild and most importantly honest, and they lack these austere mental barriers. In other words, they’re an unlimited source of fresh weird ideas. 

Their perception of image, rhythm, and sound is primeval. Most of the attempts are instinctive, and the creation – like ancient spells – requires elemental power. It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t matter if we can not approach it with intellect, since it is captivating with its much deeper, more complex spiritual structure, with such great flame and élan. 

This is what creating animation is about for us. The pure intuitive mindset of a child is what we need to find. This open-heartedness should also work for everything else in life.

fountain of eternal inspiration

Kids usually don’t judge, they have no idea about prejudice, and are still learning the skills of being arrogant.
Their hearts and eyes are wide open as they record every piece of information around them.


creative kids

When communicating with kids, one should never assume that you have to “behave” like one. This would be false, and children wouldn’t understand why you are such a creep. Instead, treat them as equals (since they are definitely). After the first hardy steps, you’ll find yourself learning stuff while having actual fun.

As animators, we sometimes make workshops or rather playgroups for children. There is only one topic, one technique, and one goal. There are no other regulations.

Here are two different workshops documented. One of them is a collective collage from the annual Pozsonyi Pikmik Festival, called “Our Neighbourhood ” and the other is from a stop motion workshop, called “Fantastic Beasts”.