seven years behind the scenes

since 2014...

Million was founded in 2014 by freelance animators and visual artists with the aim to share our knowledge, experience, clientele and precious time. The realisation of a freelancer studio was an instant hit. Projects started to flood in and after a short time, we found ourselves meeting clients in our own home, managing projects from the kitchen and working more than ever. There were obviously hot and cold, cheap and pricey, slow and fun pieces, but our lust for fun never calmed. During the first seven years of being guerilla animators, we were invited to join creative companies and bigger studios, but assimilation just wasn’t right for us. Wonderful gigs though.


animators collaborated
videos created
clients contented

friends with benefits

in this shared journey of career, many amazingly talented teammates turned in and out. Animators might appear little bit wierd to others, but you know… that’s the look of intuition turning into motion (picture). We sometimes had to stop working together to remain friends, which didn’t stop us from sharing ideas and inspire each other professionally. Others (even clients) turned out as dear friends while working together, although it’s not always an easy ride when it comes to business with your friends. Anywho, after seven years we decided to close the fooling-around-as-an-underground-animator-cult part of our journey and  came out of the closet as a real-life, legal animation studio. No corporate mindset though. Small steps people. Keep it cool.

It has to be fucking good, otherwise it’s fucking shit.

Charlie (blues icon)
memorandum of association 2014


Here we are now, waving bye to good old days, and we are proud, happy, experienced, sometimes wasted, but still are able and also wishing to learn, and unimaginably grateful for all the participants, clients and colleagues, family, friends or foes and most of all the maker for this wonderful life. Here is a monument of the past years.

Thank you!