The Spring Issue

Million Issues 22 - The Spring issue

million's quarterly collection of images and concepts. - the first edition

Spring is here. It brings renewal, love, growth, physical and spiritual awakening. Once again nature comes alive and people feel the urge to rise. Music starts to sound better, food becomes more delicious and kisses last longer. We not only leave our homes but also lower our defenses. We meet, we see, we recognize our human nature and behave as everything around us was new. Again, spring teaches us to be open. To listen to ourselves, our senses. To be emotional. Inhale fragrances, taste life, stop and listen to melodies, believe and step away from the frigid stillness of winter. Most importantly, spring brings us hope for a better everything. 

Perhaps not for poor old Gargamel the lunatic wizard who doesn’t like springtime: “…behold Asriel the first day of spring…. with its flowers, its birds, its sunshine, its… it’s disgusting”. But for those who don’t hate happiness, spring opens up a fountain of emotions to live on. Feeling stuff makes us softies, but more importantly humans. It can move us towards dreaming great things and make us believe that we actually can make those dreams reality. If you let the warm winds of spring blow through your mind and soul, you’ll be surprised how many new directions are opening up for you to grow and to achieve what you need to be your best possible self. Fuck coaching, just don’t be a moron and show some love for yourself. That is what spring cleaning is all about.

Among many other things, the pandemic taught us the importance of being open and seeing hope in most things and being able to preserve and share it. In the first issue of our quarterly magazine, we present twenty-four concepts that are reflecting these thoughts. The images were selected from our previous works. 

Open up!