The Summer Issue

Million Issues 22 - The Summer Issue

million's quarterly collection of images and concepts - the second edition

Summer. The season for school breaks, festivals and flip flops. Heatwaves and quick storms come and go. The seeds planted during spring bear fruits now, sweet or bitter. A long journey begins towards the possibility of enjoying ourselves. Lots of outside time and me-time and we-time, or just be-time. Although it is a short period, a lot needs to fit in it. 

When we were younger during summer, we would get a day job to pay for our nights and to sponsor our adventures. This is how adults must feel all the time – we thought, smoking king size blunts while keeping serious grims on our faces. As young grown ups we gained more courage and traveled even further, sucking in experiences summer led us to. Until we got bored of the same menu. After years of recklessly exploring the borders of our reality we faced that this whole journey is life itself. It’s happening right now at every freakin’ moment. Everything we do counts at a high level. It is our life we’re talking about. If nothing else, all past summers – from family vacations to random reenactments of “fear and loathing…” road trips – taught us to believe in ourselves and recognize that summer represents the power to be whatever we want to be. A chance for intellectual growth.

Summer is life. And life should be taken seriously. So tune in on our seemingly random summer issue playlist ranging from Jason Donovan to Lana del Rey. It will help you through the hard times of your life as it certainly did for us.

This is the second issue of our quarterly magazine labeled “million issues”.  A proof that we can be whoever we want to. Again we bring you twenty-four concepts which this time are reflecting our summertime philosophy.

Let the sunshine in!