The Winter Issue

Million Issues 22 - The Winter Issue

million's quarterly collection of images and concepts - the fourth edition

Winter. “… It’s going to be cold, it’s going to be dark and it’s going to last you for the rest of your lives”. Or, if you’re not Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, you might think otherwise. Sure it is so frosty and dark that it makes people snuggle under those noisy fat blankets, sipping hot drinks, concentrating most of their activities indoors. Netflix and chill, except it’s hot between the sheets. Life slows down, and we carry more weight than usual. Mentally and physically. Closing down like this is just as harsh as the winter cold, but it’s not necessarily depressing. One can find romance in the darkness of November, high spirits during the holidays, comfort in the empty streets of christmas eve, and intimacy in the deaf silence of January. 

The snow as an enormous quilt covers the land to cozy through its long slumber. It’s refreshing to experience something out of the ordinary in such a usual environment. A different reality. Snow itself carries millions of wonders. It’s water, but cooler… complex while simple, massive while fragile, eternal while transient. Snow can be a source of great joy, even if it’s really-really cold. Like a gift from the maker, a chance to experience clarity. Ignore all that is impure, rotten or unpleasant to look at. Yes, it sounds like a pamphlet for a sect, but visually this is a very strong symbol.

Winter pushes us to retire in our homes and digest what was collected through summer. Mental and physical stocks. Way too much to handle in one sitting. Chewing on thoughts, feeding anxiety, trying to organize and keep the machine running while constantly brainstorming for new ideas. Great many things could come out of our winter den, but spring cleaning is obligatory to make sense of it.

No wonder there.