Art ~ /ɑːt/


(1.) form of visual communication: transmission through diverse media;
(2.) ~ direction: internal appreciation of balance, rhythm, and harmony;

(3.) interpretation: attempt to understand the mysteries;

visual communication

A showcase of our works, which gives a good overview of the diversity of styles in which we feel at home. Most of the time it’s the analogue techniques, but there’s always a little twist to it and some extra CG for the sake of adventure.

showreel 2020
showreel 2016
showreel 2014

When there’s some free time (there never is any), we are keen to experiment with different styles to articulate our brand better. These are attempts to stay in harmony with our artistic identity, plus it’s not only good for self-promo but it also is a jolly experience.


million intro 2022
jungle claymation ident
designland ident
viewer appreciation
manifesto ident
frozen fox ident
your life story


We do like to make effort and try to reflect our impressions on subjects that have some sort of importance to us. These etudes are seemingly light and comic, which is a question of the half-full glass. As Eric Idle sang on the cross: “So always look on the bright side of death”.

For the Longest Time
13 Spooky Street
Ode to Joy