million ~ /ˈmɪljən/


(1.) band of animators: media design/visual communication;
(2.) a passion for crafts: draw/cut/shoot/write/engineer/
/visualize whatever the mind can figure;
(3.) things we do: production/art/education;


million started in 2014 as a production workshop for freelance animators, media designers and creative workers. We produce commercials, explainers, music videos and various content for cinema, exhibitions and theatre. The art department is a channel for expressing the brand and the mission with idents and etudes of our making.  The blog is a ground for experimenting with other creative mediums such as workshops, gastronomy, documentaries and creative writing.


Handcrafted projects are the favourite, though there’s lots of fun in CG animation too. Still, we start most of the gigs with manual drawings for a solid concept and move further from that, whether it’s gonna be vector animation, stop-motion or frame by frame. Best is when a production requires mixed technique, so we can experiment with all the instruments at our disposal.


Starting as a freelancers’ workshop, we joined forces with many talented animators, creatives, musicians and craftsmen. While some of them were just dropping by for a job or two, some stayed longer and produced much amazing stuff with us. Today, we operate as a dynamic duo, but still dropping features with our past allies.

Ádám Molnár

creative director

András Szurdi

head of studio