million ~ /ˈmɪljən/


(1.) band of animators: providing full production service;
(2.) crafty touch: draw/shoot/cut/fold/mold/paint – to perfection;
(3.) experiment: constantly breaking out of the comfort zone,

explore and tame uncharted territories;

animation studio

million started in 2014 as a workshop for freelance animators, media designers and workers of the creative industry. We produce commercials, music videos and various content for cinema, exhibitions and theatre.  Our director profile page is a channel for freely expressing our creative visual mission with idents and etudes.  The education page is a ground for experimenting with other creative mediums such as publishing, workshops,  documentaries and creative writing.

what the craft

Any kind of animation is great, but handcrafted projects are the favourite. There’s so much more interesting detail in the pieces when each asset is fabricated manually. The best thing in animation is that we are able to craft anything the could be imagined. That is something.

meet the band

Started as a freelancers’ workshop, we joined forces with many talented animators, creatives, musicians and craftsmen. While some of them were just dropping by for a job or two, some stayed longer and produced much amazing stuff with us. Today, we operate as a creative duo, but still dropping crispy features with our good allies.

Ádám Molnár

creative director

András Szurdi

head of studio