million ~ /ˈmɪljən/


(1.) animation studio;
(2.) artist group;
(3.) creative playground;

the studio

Million is a band of animators crafting a diverse range of content that blends traditional styles. We provide comprehensive production services as well as creative direction.

Started in 2014 as a workshop for freelancers of the creative industry we have since run three departments: One that offers production services for commercials, music videos, and various cinematic, interactive, and theatrical projects;
An art director division that allows us to pursue our vision for creative visual storytelling; and an education platform dedicated to exploring various creative mediums through publishing, workshops, documentaries, and creative writing.

what the craft

We adore all forms of animation, yet there’s a special place in our hearts for the handcrafted styles brimming with intricate, manually created details. It’s the charming attention in these pieces that captures our imagination. After all, the joy of animation lies in bringing the boundless realms of creativity to life—the only limit is imagination!


meet the band

Beginning as a workshop for freelancers, we’ve collaborated with many talented animators, creatives, musicians, and craftsmen. While some joined us temporarily for a project or two, others stayed longer, contributing to an array of amazing stuff. Today, we operate as a creative duo, continuing to drop crispy features with our trusted allies.

Ádám Molnár

creative director

András Szurdi

head of studio