The Fall Issue

The Fall Issue - 2022

million's quarterly collection of images and concepts

The fall. Many things. End of summer, getting back to the usual. Seeing familiar faces and probably reenacting old vibes. Schoolyear starts. The big break gifted you a huge time-out to process, sort things out, or bury them even deeper. You are loaded with positive memories and bursting with hot summer energy. But it’s colder, and the days are shorter. A new page in the book of your life” opens. A blank paper. Many things to fill it with. What will you choose to be recorded on your pages? Are you even aware of the control you have? It’s a mindfulness issue sure, but whatever. Autumn gives us a chance to choose again which side of the remote control we want to be. Both ways are exhausting although being straight with yourself always seems more helpful when trying to sleep at night. Never mind the gloomy start, fall is also filled with romantic scents, unbelievable lights, and long shadows. Reality bites and it feels like Ron Weasley’s divination from H.P-s teacup: “you’re gonna suffer but you’ll be happy about it”. Autumn can be a place for uplifting, heartwarming optimism. It gets more challenging by the end of October, but we can make it. So why do drifters return in spring? 

All in all, the fall is full of hard decisions, and being able to choose is a great thing. Sometimes too good that one can’t even do it. So just postpone it till next summer.


Ádám & András